Gas cylinder

A pneumatic rod, including legislation has been extended in atc shape cylinder, a coaxial consolidation in the outer cylinder and the internal definition out of the room in hollow tubes inside the cylinder, one can move up and down air plug is installed on the piston within the cylinder of the, since the piston down the cylinder piston rod out, and an air tight upper division with cylinder control device; The inner cylinder is provided with a cylinder wall made of hard plastic material and the outer surface is consolidated on the inner surface of the outer cylinder, and a flow channel extending upward from the bottom surface of the cylinder wall and connecting with the upper end of the air chamber. The control device can selectively connect and obstruct the opening between the upper end of the air chamber and the top end of the flow channel.Commonly used in office desks and chairs.

Number Name
1 Switch shaft
2 Outer tube
3 Front top cover
4 Control valve
5 Inner tube
6 Air cavity
7 Outer sleeve
8 Piston
9 Piston rod
10 Breathable support
11 Bowl mat
12 Rear top cover
13 Cushion
14 Bearing
15 Circlip

Product Categories

Regular gas cylinder

Auto-return cylinder

Auto return & auto high cylinder

Long stroke gas cylinder

2-stage gas cylinder

Non rotating cylinder

All taper cylinder

Cushion cylinder

No taper cylinder

Esd cylinder

Heavy duty gas cylinder

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