Gas Spring

The working principle of a gas spring is to use an inert gas as an elastic medium, which is sealed and lubricated with oil (for example, 50% each of transformer oil and turbine oil) and transmits pressure. The elastic element is called gas spring for short. A variant is also developed to further improve the elastic characteristics of the sleeve-type air spring. Therefore, it also has the general characteristics of the air spring structure. The gas spring is generally composed of a cylinder, a piston (rod), a seal, and an external connector composition. High-pressure nitrogen or inert gas and oil form a circuit in the cylinder. The damping on the piston makes the rod chamber and the rodless chamber communicate, so that the pressure in the two chambers is equal. The elastic force is generated by the difference in the force-bearing area of the two chambers and the compressibility of the gas.

The gas spring has a light structure and a large working stroke; the movement is smooth and can act as a damping buffer; it has a stable and nearly unchanged characteristic line; it is easy to operate, safe and reliable. But the processing cost is higher.

According to the principle of the sleeve type air spring,

It can be seen that the force of the gas spring at any stroke s is:

F = pVA / v-As
P-initial pressure in the cylinder;




Gas springs have different structures and types due to different uses.

There are two types of gas springs that we currently produce: non-lockable gas springs and lockable gas springs.

V- initial volume in the cylinder;
A-The cross-sectional area of the piston rod,

Product category

Table top

Lockable gas spring (angle adjuster)

Lifting table

Fitness equipment

Car seat

Office chair

Student table flip

Medical instruments

Lockable gas spring: also known as self-locking gas spring, angle adjuster. The gas spring can be stopped at any position in the stroke by means of some release
structures, and there is a large locking force after the stop.

Due to its large locking force, it has been widely used in medical equipment, automobiles, furniture and other industries.

Compressed gas spring: also known as support rod. It mainly plays the role of support and assistance, without stopping during the trip, and can stay in the minimum and maximum positions of the trip. Its advantages are beautiful appearance, easy to use, small footprint and strong interchangeability. Now widely used in automotive, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery and other industries.

Compressed gas springs have now developed into two types of atmospheric springs: fixed damping gas springs and variable damping gas springs, which are damped by piston damping holes; variable damping gas springs are damped by damping slots on the gas spring cylinder. There is also a gas spring with a safety protection device. When the gas spring fails during use, the safety protection device can effectively support the support to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.


Fitness equipment

Compressed gas spring (support rod)



Monitor Stand

Folding bed


It is an extremely flexible product for connecting or fixing accessories between gas springs and various products. There are usually two materials, metal and plastic. Metal connectors can be used to connect high-quality and rugged products. Plastic connectors are relatively affordable compared to low-strength products. The connector can achieve high-strength support, adjust the product angle and inclination. At the same time, the suitable connector shape, material and surface treatment can be customized according to different customer requirements and conditions of the use environment.

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