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Precision welded steel pipe

Precision welded pipe is superior to ordinary pipe materials, lies in this type of pipe material has a higher degree of precision, at the same time, precision steel pipe in terms of quality and appearance, also has the same significant advantages, so this type of pipe material even in some relatively special areas, also have a wide range of use, the inner wall without oxidation layer is one of the most important characteristics of this pipe material, not only can withstand high pressure, do not worry about the leakage problem, at the same time, this type of pipe material is also widely used. Not only can it withstand high pressure without worrying about leakage, at the same time, the precision and finish of this type of piping material is also very good, even in the state of cold bending, there is no worry about deformation, so this type of piping material is highly recognized by the market and users.


Welded Stainless Steel Pipe - Stainless steel strip with uniform wall thickness is rolled and shaped in one go under gas protection without the addition of solder, which has the following advantages:

1. Uniform wall thickness - the parent material is the forming strip, with good consistency of wall thickness and high surface finish, reaching industrial clean surface grade 2B.

2. Low residual stress - the formed steel pipe is bright annealed at a temperature higher than 1040 degrees for stainless steel pipe to eliminate stress.

3. High weld strength - welding using melt welding, the material composition remains unchanged, after high temperature heat treatment the weld has the same intergranular structure as the parent material, the weld is flattened, reverse bending, flaring and other damage experiments, the weld will not appear at the crack or cracks, burrs and other problems. In addition to this eddy current testing and water pressure or gas gas test to ensure the quality of the tube.

4. Good consistency - good consistency of the outer diameter, wall thickness, length and straightness of the tube, and high processing accuracy.

Execution standard: GB/TI3793 LSAW steel pipe, ASTM-A513 resistance welding carbon steel and alloy steel mechanical steel pipe, JIS-G3445 mechanical structure with carbon steel pipe

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Product application area: Automotive (fluid reservoir)