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Correct installation method of pneumatic support rod

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2017/06/09 09:32

Air brace is actually an layman's term. Our industry is used to calling support bars and gas springs, and air braces are commonly known by people in other industries because of their own functions and structures. The use of support bars is currently very broad. , From the automobile and motorcycle industry, machinery industry, electronics industry to transportation, fitness, medical equipment, ubiquitous, and many manufacturers staff do not understand his installation method, one of the advantages of gas springs is simple installation,

1. The gas spring piston rod must be installed in the downward position, not upside down, which can reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning performance.

2. Deciding the installation position of the fulcrum is the guarantee for the correct operation of the gas spring. The gas spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when closed, let it move through the center line of the structure, otherwise, the gas spring will often automatically push the door open.

3. The gas spring should not be subjected to tilting or lateral forces during operation. Not for use as a handrail.

4. In order to ensure the reliability of the seal, the surface of the piston rod must not be damaged, and it is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemicals on the piston rod. It is also not allowed to install the gas spring in the required position and then spray and paint.

5. The gas spring is a high-pressure product, which is strictly forbidden to analyze, fire, and smash.

6. The gas spring piston rod is strictly prohibited to rotate to the left. If you need to adjust the direction of the joint, you can only turn it to the right.

7. Ambient temperature for use: -35 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃. (Specific manufacturing 80 ℃)

8. The connection point should be installed flexibly and free of jamming.

9. The size should be reasonable, the force should be appropriate, and the stroke size of the piston rod should have a margin of 8 mm.

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