Social Recruitment

Foreign trade salesman

Number of employees :1-2
Gender: female age: 20-50 years old education: college degree or above
Salary (yuan)/month: 4000-6000 yuan/month + commission

Post responsibility

1. Responsible for tracking the production schedule of orders and arranging the delivery of products.
2. Responsible for sample application, collection and distribution, customer reception.
3. Responsible for reconciliation and payment collection.
4. Organize the handling of customer complaints or returns, and feedback the results.
5. Familiar with the products, have a good command of the products, and independently analyze the accurate quotation. 6. Able to develop customers independently and be familiar with foreign trade process.

Job specification

1. College degree or above, fluent in spoken and written English, cet-4 or above
2. Familiar with foreign trade business, can adapt to long-term business trips, have relevant work experience from the preferred employment. (training for fresh graduates)
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