Social Recruitment


Number of employees :1
Age: 25-40 years old education: college degree or above
Salary (yuan)/month: 3500-4500 yuan/month (single and double days off).


Post responsibility

1. Responsible for reviewing original vouchers, reimbursing and settling expenses of the company.
2. Responsible for handling the cash receipt, payment and settlement business, as well as the safekeeping and issuing of cash checks.
3. Responsible for the register of cash and bank deposit journal, timely and regular reconciliation with the bank.
4. Cooperate with accountant in monthly bonded work.


Job specification

At least 1.1 years working experience as a cashier in an enterprise, master basic accounting knowledge, understand certain financial management knowledge, and be skilled in using computer and financial software.
2.20-35 years old, college graduate or above, major in accounting, finance or economy.
3. Familiar with national financial policies, accounting regulations, tax regulations and related tax policies.
4. Accounting, financial and economic related majors can be cultivated.

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