Office furniture


Living room applications


Can gently dampen the opening and closing movement of lids and compartments

Just move your wrist to adjust the height and tilt of the table. When it comes to making family life easier, air springs are the perfect tool for furniture designers and manufacturers. Due to their compact structure and the ability to be used anywhere, these products bring a lot of space for new ideas.




Kitchen application


The kitchen has multiple functions and applications

Our air springs can open doors and accessories in any direction, keeping them in the desired position safely. In the drawers and telescopic parts, our dampers ensure gentle movements without unpleasant sudden stops in the desired position.




Bedroom application


Always in the right place

Regardless of the size and weight of the furniture, the bed parts can be easily, changeably and safely moved to the desired sleeping position, ensuring that you can enjoy a good night's sleep. Use air springs made by Staples. phenomenon.




Work application


Which way to move, office furniture can adapt to it

Compared with a few years ago, modern workplaces now have more functions. The height-adjustable table allows you to work in an ergonomic sitting position in different sitting positions. The desks at home must grow up with the students, and the adjustable desktop can ensure a healthy sitting posture. Of course, the swivel chair and stool should also be compatible with any sitting position.




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