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Training system and objectives

LANT's training system is divided into four categories: induction training, skills training, management training and other training. The first three categories are for new employees, front-line operators and managers at all levels. Other training targets are not limited, according to the needs of the company or the interests of employees.


Identify the fundamental needs of the company's development, develop the potential of employees by providing diversified learning opportunities, and pay attention to the overall development of employees, so as to improve the organizational ability of employees. Through the integration of professional and technical personnel, through professional training, application research and development institutions such as the excellent intellectual resources, through the training of the personnel administration center and all levels of employees to share knowledge, methods, skills and experience of success, makes the company's education platform improve the comprehensive quality of university of "career", become the implementation of company development strategy, the booster of the corporate culture, to provide customers with excellent products and services of the solid foundation.


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