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Gas source safety news

Update time: 2017-05-25    Views: 250

Recently, a "news" about the explosion of an air lift chair has caused hot discussion on the Internet. Xiamen a Miss Liu sitting in the air pressure lift chair, the chair suddenly exploded, Miss Liu was stunned to the hospital rescue, the doctor removed from her body was blood-stained iron rings, screws and other more than 10 pieces of debris, the scene is shocking.

In fact, the explosion accident of the air lift chair has occurred too many times in recent years. According to the investigation results of the relevant state departments: the cause of such accidents is that the air pressure rod used by the lift chair, and some black heart manufacturers used the inferior air pressure rod to save costs, resulting in the explosion of the chair. At present, the lifting chair on the market is generally divided into three categories: oil pressure, mechanical and air pressure. The pneumatic lift chair has a cylinder, the piston pneumatic rod in the cylinder moves up and down to control the chair lift, the regular manufacturers are filled with nitrogen, the concentration is generally above 99%, and the pressure is about one to two atmospheres. If the purity of nitrogen is not high, the cylinder container wall is not strong or the sealing seal is not tight and other reasons may cause the chair explosion.

Wright gas spring has always paid attention to the safety and quality of products, especially for the air source requirements are more stringent. In the process of continuous technological upgrading, looking for a more perfect process. The old bottled gas source is eliminated, and the purity of nitrogen will be reduced after the collection, filling, transportation and other multi-channel processes, so that the gas source will have security risks and cannot meet the process requirements. Wright gas spring adopts air separation equipment, and the separated nitrogen is directly input into the inner tube of the gas spring, avoiding the defects of the air source impurity and so on, so that the gas source safety of each gas spring is perfect. In strict accordance with bifma standards to reach more than 100,000 times, accompanied by chair life!