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People Entering Enterprises to Test the Effectiveness of Environmental Protection Governance - Record of Jiangsu Jiete Intelligent Pneumatic System Co., Ltd.'s Environmental Protection Governance Results Publicity

Update time: 2021-11-10    Views: 308

The masses went into the enterprise to test the effectiveness of environmental governance

       ---Mark the development zone masses visit Jiangsu Jieerte intelligent pneumatic System Co., LTD

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Recently, Jintan District development area people to visit Jiangsu Jieerte intelligent pneumatic system Co., LTD. There were 20 people visiting this time to investigate the internal environmental governance of enterprises on behalf of surrounding residents. The comprehensive management department of the company received the manager, accompanied the masses to visit the internal environmental governance facilities of the company, and explained the various environmental governance measures on the spot.

          Visiting path

First stop: sewage station

The second stop: Corporate environmental governance publicity column

The third station: exhaust gas fog treatment station

The fourth station: sewage online detection station

Online test data display: total phosphorus, total nitrogen, COD

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The residents' visit to the site of the enterprise is a solid test of the environmental protection work of the enterprise, and Jiangsu Jierte, as the main responsible unit of environmental protection governance, will definitely implement the environmental governance work. Clear water and green mountains are golden hills and silver mountains. Enterprises must adhere to green production, energy saving and consumption reduction while grasping production and development, and resolutely implement national environmental protection policies. We also welcome people from all walks of life to visit Jierte and guide our work.